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The recruiting information contained on this site is information about student/athletes BELIEVED to be targeted by Miami University for various varsity athletic sports. The lists are far from complete and are not officially endorsed in any way by Miami University, its coaches or administration.

These pages will be updated as information is made available. Information may not be complete or timely and is compiled by newspaper articles, internet recruiting sites, and, of course, by Miami Hawk Talk Field Reporters. Players may "verbally" commit to a program, however, such committment is not binding until officially executing a "National Letter of Intent" (NLI).

Miami coaches and or its staff are not permitted to discuss or comment on potential recruits until after the signing of a NLI. The signing period for fall sports such as football begins in early February and runs until early April; basketball and other winter sports have an early signing perdiod in mid-November and a late signing period from April to May.

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Basketball Recruits - Entering in 2009

Committed to Miami

2G Allen Roberts 6-2 190 Middletown Middletown, OH
C Drew McGhee 6-10 250 North Ridgeville High School North Ridgeville, Ohio
PF Drew Kelly 6-7 225 Centennial Brentwood, TN
PG Orlando Williams 6-1 165 Princeton Cincinnati

Other Recruited Players

2G Sheldon Brogdon 6-0 170 Warren Harding Warren, Ohio
2G Xavier Fugate 6-4 190 Edgewood Trenton, OH
2G Nik Garcia 6-6 Evanston Township High School Evanston, Illinois
2G Chase Hallam 6-5 200 Mesquite High School Mesquite, Texas
2G Marcus Jordan 6-3 Whitney Young High School Chicago, Illinois
2G Aaron Robinson 6-1 175 Madison Trotwood, OH
2G Colt Ryan 6-4 Batesville Batesville, IN
2G Ryan Siggins 6-4 190 Alter Kettering, OH
2G Matt Vogrich 6-3 180 Lake Forest High School Lake Forest, Illinois
2G Sir Christian Williams 6-4 Cleveland Heights Cleveland, Ohio
2G David Bryant 6-4 Batavia High School Batavia, Illnois
2G Jonathan DeMoss 6-4 St. Charles North St. Charles, Illinois
2G CJ Penney 6-4 Anderson County Lawrenceburg, Ky
2G Drew Schauss 6-4 195 Green Forks Centerville, IN
2G Danhi Wilson 6-3 190 Maine East Chicago
C Matt Balkema 6-9 275 Warren Cousino Warren, MI
C Matt Kavanaugh 6-9 221 Centerville Centerville, OH
C Dane Kopp 6-9 210 Newark High School Newark, Ohio
C D.J. Cunningham 6-10 Waterford HS Waterford, Ohio
C Justin Jamison 6-9 Benedictine H.S. Cleveland, Ohio
C Aaron Pogue 6-9 290 Dunbar/Sinclair CC Dayton
PF Mark Anderson 6-8 200 Dunbar/Sinclair CC Dayton
PF Darion Brandon 6-5 220 Dunbar Dayton
PF Dominic Nicholson 6-7 250 Warren Central Indianapolis
PF Patrick Bade 6-8 220 Franklin Central Indianapolis
PF Bobby Capobianco 6-8 240 Loveland Loveland, OH
PF Jack Cooley 6-8 220 Glenbrook South Glenview, ILL
PF Reggie Keely 6-8 235 Cleveland Heights High School Cleveland, Ohio
PF Danny McElroy 6-7 Lasalle High School Cincinnati, Ohio
PF Richie Phares 6-7 220 Scott County High School Georgetown, Kentucky
PF Shaun Pratl 6-8 220 Richards High School Oak Lawn, Illinois
PF Garrick Sherman 6-9 220 Kenton Kenton, OH
PF Joe Vidovic 6-9 225 Willoughby South High School Willoughby, Ohio
PF Courtney Bell 6-5 Lincoln Park High School Chicago, Illinois
PF Chris Freeman 6-7 295 Trotwood Madison Trotwood, OH
PF Ricardo Glenn 6-6 Richmond Academy Georgia
PG Nate Brunsman 5-9 160 Cincinnati Christian High School Cincinnati, Ohio
PG Zach Brown 6-1 Mason Mason, OH
PG Delano Collins 6-0 185 Renaissance Detroit
PG Chase Dunn 5-8 155 Livingston Livingston, TN
PG Jordan Hulls 6-0 175 Bloomington South Bloomington, IN
PG Carl Jones 5-9 Garfield Heights Solon, OH
PG JaRob McCallum 6-1 Marion Marion, Indiana
PG Derek Needham 6-0 De LaSalle Chicago, Illinois
PG Leo Davis 5-11 Lee High School Alabama
PG Evan Gordon 6-0 180 North Central Indianapolis, Indiana
PG Kierre Greenwood 6-2 175 New Creations Prep Richmond, Indiana
PG Julius Hearn 6-0 190 Pratt (KS) Community College Pratt, Kansas
PG Tyreak Johnson 5-11 185 St. Raymond Bronx, NY
PG Josh "Cookie" Miller 5-7 University of Nebraska Charleston, West Virginia
PG Vee Sanford 6-1 175 Lexington Catholic Lexington, Kentucky
PG Stephen Thomas 6-1 180 Cathedral Prep Indianapolis
SF Chris Read 6-6 210 Lawrence North Indianapolis
SF Drew Barham 6-6 Christian Brothers High School Tennessee
SF Conrad Krutwig 6-6 210 Jacobs Algonquin, IL
SF Brian Wozniak 6-5 215 Loveland Loveland
SF Nate Davis 6-5 200 Stivers Dayton
SF Stephon Johnson 6-6 Princeton Cincinnati
SF Marquis Mathis 6-6 220 Harvest Prep/Cincinnati State Columbus
SF Tony Peters 6-4 190 Middletown Middletown, OH

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