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The recruiting information contained on this site is information about student/athletes BELIEVED to be targeted by Miami University for various varsity athletic sports. The lists are far from complete and are not officially endorsed in any way by Miami University, its coaches or administration.

These pages will be updated as information is made available. Information may not be complete or timely and is compiled by newspaper articles, internet recruiting sites, and, of course, by Miami Hawk Talk Field Reporters. Players may "verbally" commit to a program, however, such committment is not binding until officially executing a "National Letter of Intent" (NLI).

Miami coaches and or its staff are not permitted to discuss or comment on potential recruits until after the signing of a NLI. The signing period for fall sports such as football begins in early February and runs until early April; basketball and other winter sports have an early signing perdiod in mid-November and a late signing period from April to May.

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Basketball Recruits - Entering in 2007

Committed to Miami

2G Rodney Haddix 6-3 210 Scott Co./Findlay Prep Geogetown, KY
2G Kenny Hayes 6-1 190 Cincinnati State Cincinnati
PF Dwight McCombs 6-8 220 Whitney Davis Chicago
SF Nick Winbush 6-6 200 Shaker Heights Shaker Heights, OH

Other Recruited Players

2G Jay Higgins 6-5 210 IMG-Pendleton School Bradenton, FLA
2G Heath White 6-2 Taft Cincinnati
2G Billy Allen 6-6 185 Hamilton Hamilton
2G James Davis 6-5 190 Linden McKinley Columbus
2G Zach Hahn 6-1 170 New Castle New Castle, IN
2G Dante Jackson 6-5 195 Greenfield McLain, OH
2G Preston Knowles 6-2 170 Clark County Winchester, KY
2G Troy Tabler 6-4 Moeller Cincinnati
2G William Thomas 6-5 190 Shaw Cleveland
2G Elijah Allen 6-4 190 DeSales Columbus
2G Chaisson Allen 6-3 170 Oakland Murfreesboro, TN
2G Yima Chia-Kur 6-6 220 Garden City CC Garden City, KS
2G T.J. Clark 6-3 185 God's Academy Cedar Hills, TX
2G DJ Posley 6-3 170 John A. Logan Chicago
2G Ryan Sterling 6-4 200 Cathedral Prep Indianapolis
2G Michael Taylor 6-0 Huntington Huntington, WV
2G Kevin Tiggs 6-4 210 Flint Northern/Mott CC Flint, MI
C Kevin Cantinol 6-9 Calvary Christian Pinellas County, FL
C Nick Evans 7-0 Red Hill Bridgeport, ILL
C Joe Latas 6-11 260 Chanel Bedford, OH
C Justin Anyijong 6-9 200 East Grand Rapids Grand Rapids, MI
C Andrew Joslin 6-8 265 TC Howe Academy Indianapolis
C Scott Moviel 6-10 240 St. Edward Cleveland
PF Jawaan Alston 6-8 210 Albert Gallatin Pittsburgh
PF Michael Glover 6-6 210 Boys to Men Academy Chicago
PF Clint Hopf 6-8 235 Forest Park Birdseye, IN
PF Matt Howard 6-7 215 Connersville Connersville, IN
PF Scott Martin 6-8 200 Valparaiso Valparaiso, IN
PF Brett McKnight 6-6 240 Lancaster Lancaster, OH
PF Mike Przydzial 6-7 210 West Bloomfield Bloomfield, MI
PF Larry Sanders 6-9 220 Port St. Lucie Port St. Lucie, Fla
PF Devin Searcy 6-8 215 Romulus Romulus, MI
PF Paul Crosby 6-7 250 Holt Holt, MI
PF Barry Eberhardt 6-6 250 John Glenn/Coffeyville CC Inkster, MI
PF Tim Flowers 6-6 240 Simeon Chicago
PF J.J. Grycko 6-9 200 Moeller Cincinnati
PF Johnny Harris 6-8 250 Chicago Vocational/Chipola JC Chicago
PF Matthew Morgan 6-8 210 Millersburg Military Institute Georgetown, KY
PF Steffphon Pettigrew 6-5 225 Elizabethtown Elizabethtown, KY)
PF Tarod Sanders 6-6 255 Chaunte/Coffeyville JC Chaunte, Kansas
PF Scott Saunders 6-10 225 Battle Ground Academy Franklin, TN
PF Christian Siakam 6-7 240 Harmony Cincinnati
PF Marvin Skipper 6-9 Pershing Detroit
PF Antonie Wilhite 6-6 210 Lockland Cincinnati
PF Demetrius Young 6-6 200 Yuba CC Maryville, CA
PG Mike Bizoukas 6-1 180 Munster Munster, IN
PG Ben Botts 6-0 175 Central Muncie, IN
PG Brandon Dunson 6-3 175 Central Catholic Bloomington, ILL
PG Mike Porrini 6-1 180 Washington Massillon, OH
PG Jon Rice 6-0 180 Neuqua Valley Naperville, IL
PG Ronnie Steward 5-9 Eastmoor Columbus
SF Daitwan Eppinger 6-6 200 Garfield Heights Cleveland
SF Shondre Guest 6-8 190 Richland/Aiken CC Columbia, SC
SF Lance Kearse 6-6 190 Ft. Meyers Ft. Meyers, FL
SF Camden Miller 6-7 190 Wheelersburg Wheelersburg, OH
SF Chase Simon 6-5 185 Detroit Community Detroit
SF Austin Thornton 6-6 185 Cedar Springs Cedar Springs, MI
SF Fred Braithwaite 6-4 205 Perimeter CC Decatur, GA
SF Terrence Watson 6-5 220 Mott CC Detroit

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