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The recruiting information contained on this site is information about student/athletes BELIEVED to be targeted by Miami University for various varsity athletic sports. The lists are far from complete and are not officially endorsed in any way by Miami University, its coaches or administration.

These pages will be updated as information is made available. Information may not be complete or timely and is compiled by newspaper articles, internet recruiting sites, and, of course, by Miami Hawk Talk Field Reporters. Players may "verbally" commit to a program, however, such committment is not binding until officially executing a "National Letter of Intent" (NLI).

Miami coaches and or its staff are not permitted to discuss or comment on potential recruits until after the signing of a NLI. The signing period for fall sports such as football begins in early February and runs until early April; basketball and other winter sports have an early signing perdiod in mid-November and a late signing period from April to May.

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Basketball Recruits - Entering in 2006

Committed to Miami

2G Antonio Ballard 6-4 Jeffersonville Jeffersonville, IN
2G Steve Pogue 6-5 190 Oak Hills Cincinnati
2G Dwain Williams 6-0 180 Chaparral Temecula, CA
PG Alex Moosmann 5-10 St. Francis Borgia Washington, MO

Other Recruited Players

2G David Gadeon 6-3 St. Xavier Cincinnati
2G Jonathan Malloy 6-5 185 Compton Centennial Los Angeles, CA
2G Ru White 6-5 180 Lloyd C. Bird Chesterfield, VA
2G Josh Bone 6-2 185 Brentwood Academy Nashville, Tenn
2G Osiris Eldridge 6-3 180 Phillips Chicago
2G Adrion Graves 6-2 190 Hughes Cincinnati
2G Marcus Johnson 6-2 180 SVSM Akron
2G David Kool 6-3 170 S. Christian Grand Rapids, MI
2G Aswon Sayles 6-5 Hargrave Chatham Virginia
2G Rod Sherman 6-2 Ben Davis Indianapolis
2G Larry Wright 6-2 170 Saginaw Saginaw, MI
2G Jordan Crawford 6-3 190 CMA Detroit
2G Vaughn Duggins 6-3 190 Pendleton HTS Pendleton, IN
2G Lance Jeter 6-3 205 Beaver Falls Beaver Falls, PA
2G Marcus Rhodes 6-3 185 Harmony Prep Cincinnati
2G Jake Worley 6-5 195 New Albany Columbus
C Josh Southern 6-8 250 Saginaw Saginaw, MI
C Demario Williams 7-0 210 Cincinnati State Cincinnati
C Kurt Huelsman 6-10 225 St. Henry St. Henry, OH
PF Thomas Kennedy 6-6 210 Southeastern Detroit
PF Tim Kiewel 6-10 245 Valley Forge Parma, OH
PF Patrick Behan 6-7 210 Notre Dame Acadamy Middleburg, VA
PF Justin Dobbins 6-7 Glenville Cleveland
PF Adam May 6-7 Mentor Mentor, OH
PG Cecil Brown 5-9 Goodwin Heights H.S. Grand Rapids, MI
PG Brandon Fisher 5-11 Jefferson H.S. Rockford, ILL
PG Darren Jones 5-10 165 Cuyahoga CC Cleveland
PG Patrick Beverley 6-2 175 Marshall Chicago
PG TaJuan Porter 5-6 Renaissance Detroit
PG Jerome Randle 5-8 Hales Franciscan Chicago
PG Darryl Roberts 5-11 St. Francis Toledo
PG Ryan Sims 6-1 170 Snider H.S. Ft. Wayne, IN
PG Rydell Brooks 6-1 165 Buchtel Akron
PG Amir Johnson 5-9 Quaker Valley Pittsburgh
PG Kierre Jordan 5-11 165 Dunwoody Atlanta
PG Jimmy Langhurst 5-11 Willard Willard, OH
PG Steve McNees 6-2 Shenango Pittsburgh
PG Erick Nsangou 5-11 180 Florida Prep Cameroon,
SF Todd Brown 6-5 McKinley Canton, OH
SF Josh Chichester 6-8 205 Lakota West Cincinnati
SF John Williamson 6-6 230 Marion Franklin Columbus
SF Scott Grote 6-7 210 Massanutten Military Academy Centerville, OH
SF Ricky Jackson 6-6 200 McKinley Canton

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