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Enquirer's Full Basketball Preview

hallelujah!The Enquirer has their yearly basketball preview in today's issue, where they profile all the local teams. This means season previews for both your men's and women's Miami basketball teams.

(And I know, I know, the information may not be as in-depth as the hardcore fans would like, but exposure is exposure...)

At any rate, here are the articles.

Online Recruiting Info

Also in today's Enquirer is an article by Dustin Dow about online recruiting information, and in particular, the Rivals and Sout networks. Even as we've compiled our own recruiting news (and one continual hat tip to Nick for doing so), we've tried to encourage our users to keep perspective on what recruiting sites are and how their rankings should be regarded. I think Dustin's article echoes much of what we've said in the past. You can also get more of Dustin's thoughts in his blog.

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