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Help Wanted

Miami sports are about to start a new year, and we’re looking for people to help us share the joy of bringing Miami sports to Miami fans.

Miami sports are about to start a new year, and we’re looking for people to help us share the joy of bringing Miami sports to Miami fans.

Part of the reason for our new site design wasn’t just to incorporate a new look and feel; it was also to incorporate new back-end news publishing software that would allow us to get more people involved in getting content to our users in a timely, entertaining manner. So now that the fall seasons are imminent, we’re putting out an invitation to users in our community: become a member of our content team!

We have a number of needs, and we have split up responsibilities narrowly so that any commitment you make to this site requires a minimal amount of time. In addition, we have plenty of guidelines and instructions for how to do the job, so you’ll have plenty of support and direction. Don’t worry if you can’t do anything on your computer besides surf the internet; in most cases, that is all you need to be able to do!

Here are our current needs:
* Hawk of The Week Nominator/Writer
* News Link Checker
* Photo Gallery Manager
* Link List Manager
* General Front-Page News Writers

In addition, we are looking for current Miami students who are willing to be columnists and/or photographers, giving an on-campus perspective. We would prefer journalism majors who are looking to add clips or shots to their portfolios; in exchange, we can offer online publishing experience and letters of recommendation based on your efforts.


So what's required of each of those jobs? Well, I'm glad you asked:

Hawk of the Week Nominator/Writer
Work with other nominators and mods to select a Hawk of the Week; write up a profile noting what the chosen student-athlete did to earn the honor; publish the profile every tuesday in season
News Link Checker
Periodically check for new news link submissions; check out submitted link, and if appropriate, approve the link for publication on the front page.
Photo Gallery Manager
Receive user-submitted photos; upload to multimedia area; categorize pictures and publish photos so everyone can see.
Link List Manager
Add long-term off-site links to the links directory and occasional check and correct links already in our linking system.
Front-Page News Writers
Author game previews, game wrap-ups, and other topics of note to the Miami athletics community. These can be thought of more as traditional articles or columns. We will require authors to help tackle olympic sport highlights as well as basketball/basketball/football/hockey as well as occasional non-sports stories as needed.

Want to Help?

So you're willing to help out? Great! Drop me an email at and let me know what role you'd be interested in. I'll be happy to hear from you!

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