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What to Watch: Miami (1-0) at #1 Duke (1-0)

In this CBE Classic Matchup, Miami travels to Cameron to battle the #1 and defending national champion Dukies from Durham, NC.  Duke returns Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler from their 3-headed scoring monster, but has added one of the top 5 freshmen and the nation's leading freshman scorer 2 years ago to their already potent lineup.  They're led by Mike Krzyzewski, who's won 869 games, 34 shy of the all-time record.  His record includes 4 national championships, a professional world championship, and the 2008 Olympic title, bringing USA basketball back to the top of the heap.  Duke has won 78 straight non-conference games at Cameron after beating Princeton 97-60.  It was competitive for about 15 minutes before the Devils found their offensive groove and put down the hammer in beating the Tigers.  Duke definitely deserves to be the #1 team to start the year because they're a great shooting team, can pressure the basketball and have 2 senior leaders they can rely on in the clutch.

Probable Starters

Kyrie Irving, 6'2" Fr.  17 pts, 9 reb. 4 reb.  40% FG, 50% 3PFG, 100% FT.  Lived up to the hype in the 1st game.  Strong for a freshman with good body control.  Dribbles the ball low to the ground when in the lane, making it harder to slap away.  Has a pretty good shooting stroke for a frosh, especially from the foul line.  Could be streaky from 3 because his feet don't always go toward the basket.  Did I mention he's lightning quick and has great vision?  Rollins will have his hands full.

Nolan Smith, 6'2" Sr.  22 pts, 6 ass, 4 reb.  67% FG, 40% 3PFG.  He's played at a really high level since the midpoint of last year, growing with confidence every game.  He used to be scared to score, now he's looking to score.  Looks even quicker than last year.  Has a deadly floater and runner.  And you can't let him step into a 3.  Arguably Duke's best on-ball defender.  Roberts probably gets this assignment.

Kyle Singler, 6'8" Sr.  16 pts, 4 reb, 2 ass, 2 blk.  70% FG, 67% 3PFG.  A nightmare to guard because if you put a smaller guy on him, he'll take you down low.  If you put a 4 on him, he'll take you outside.  His mid-range game is his strength, coming off curls, pulling up from 12-17 feet.  If he hits 3s consistently, you can't guard him.  He'll find a way to put the ball in the basket.  Ballard would be our best matchup, but with him out, I'd say we start a bigger lineup so Winbush gets the assignment.

Mason Plumlee, 6'10" So.  5 pts, 4 ass, 4 reb, 2 blk.  50% FG, 1/1 FT.  A stat sheet stuffer, he's long, athletic, a great post defender, and an even better passer.  When he gets the ball offensively, he's looking to pass 1st, dribble 2nd, shoot 3rd.  You give him the jump shot because he doesn't want to take it.  If you play up on him, he'll pass over you or dribble by you.  Defensively, you have to be aware of him coming over to help because he'll send anything weak into the student section.  Mavunga will probably guard regardless of the lineup we play.

Miles Plumlee, 6'10" Jr.  2 pts, 2 reb.  50% FG.  The older Plumlee will look to score more in the post.  He especially likes to spin baseline and use his quickness to get a quick dunk or go reverse layup on you.  He's not as good at drop stepping or any kind of power move because he's slower at doing so, allowing the defender to gain position and contest the shot.  He's long and athletic like his brother and is a solid defender.  If we go big, LeGarza would get 1st crack at him.

Off the Bench

Andre Dawkins, 6'4" So.  13 pts, 1 ass.  55% FG, 50% 3PFG.  Sniper off the bench.  Likes to step into transition 3s coming from the wing.  Also has a runner to his arsenal if you go for his shotfake.

Ryan Kelly, 6'11" So.  4 pts, 3 reb.  33% FG, 1/1 3PFG, 50% FT.  Role player who does all the little things.  Can guard multiple positions.  Capable of hitting the open 3, but doesn't really look for his shot.

Seth Curry, 6'2" So.  14 pts, 3 reb.  40% FG, 60% 3PFG, 100% FT.  Stephen's brother can put it in the basket as well.  I want to say his older brother had a little more game at this comparable point in their careers, but that doesn't take anything away from Curry's ability to shoot and score.

Josh Hairston, 6'7" Fr.  2 pts, 2 reb.  Len Elmore indicated on last night's broadcast Hairston could be a future Lance Thomas, maybe a little better, and I agree.  Athletic, has the potential to play the 3 and 4 once he gets a little bigger. 


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