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Most Recent Story: Beta Test of Miami Hawk Talk New Message Board

The Open Beta test of Miami Hawk Talk’s new message board is now available at: The following is the related message from RedStece:

“The gnomes have spent dozens of hours doing stuff, and they may even realize this is going live today. So please feel free to poke around, kick the tires, and try it out!

As I have mentioned in my sporadic postings on the boards over the past year, we’re updating our message board software from phpBB to Vanilla Forums. There are a number of reasons for this decision, and I’m happy to geek out at some point about the reasons, but the important point is this: Vanilla may seem a little foreign at first, but give it some time and I think it will grow on you.

First things first: importing anything from our version of phpBB to Vanilla proved to be problematic - including the user database. So you will need to re-register on these boards. PLEASE be considerate to members of our community and stick with your previous user name. If you want a new name, please be sure that it’s NOT the name of another user. I really don’t want mollautt registering as... [Read the entire story]