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Most Recent Story: Aid for Haiti

While we here at MHT have spent the past few days talking about how to pay for steaks at Peter Luger, how to fund a college basketball program, and the chances hockey has against Ferris State, the people of Haiti were struck with a devastating earthquake that, press reports indicate, may result in hundreds of thousands of deaths, and has totally leveled a city with the population of the Cleveland metro area. 

Those of you who were around back in 2004-05 may remember that we encouraged posters to donate to recovery efforts for the Indian Ocean Tsunami—both to help those in desperate need and as a reminder of how lucky we are that we’re spending time on a message board arguing about college sports.

In that spirit, we’re recommending donations once again.  Because of the transport situation after the earthquake, the best organizations to give to are those that (1) already have an extensive network on the ground and (2) have a rock-solid reputation (as disasters like this earthquake unfortunately cause fly-by-night scams to crop up).  To that end, your moderating team suggests the American Red Cross (donate to the International Response Fund if you want your donation to go... [Read the entire story]

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