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Most Recent Story: 2008 Fulmer Cup: The Preseason Rankings

Though a necessary preliminary event, the annual Ohio State beatdown (errr . . BCS National Championship [sic] game), has yet to take place, it's time for the most eagerly awaited college football event of mid-winter, the 2008 Fulmer Cup, sponsored by the unsurpassed brilliance of EveryDayShouldBeSaturday. At the risk of stealing Orson's thunder (or because we would like to protect his neutrality as official Fulmer Cup scorer), let's run down the upcoming Fulmer Cup season.

In last season's action, the University of Illinois got better and better—just as [NAME REDACTED] predicted—in piling up a Big Ten-record 24 Fulmer Cup points and proving that the thick-legged Northerners could outrun the SEC to glory in at least one arena. (Or, perhaps, that SEC speed advantage also works in outrunning the cops.) Although, like most aspects of modern-day college football, the Fulmer Cup favors the rich, we also should note impressive performances at the I-AA level, particularly from Montana State.  ("Bozeman, motherf*****s!")

Without further ado, we offer our pre-season predictions (last season's point totals in parentheses):

1.  Arizona State—Dennis Erickson has a track record for turning around programs faster than expected, both on and off the field. Now he's coaching at a school
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