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OK, so we admit it. We’re shills for our alma mater. And why not? I mean, at least for selfish reasons, the NCAA states that all fan-run websites are essentially boosters, so why not get the most out of that designation? (And to paraphrase the Duke Basketball Report: woo, Miami!)

But more than just having to be boosters because the NCAA says so, we are proud of the University that granted our degrees and prepared us for life after Mac and Joe’s. We enjoyed the time spent watching our classmates compete, and we still enjoy watching and marvelling at today’s players who seem to be able to do that much more than most of us ever could.

So shill we shall. We all have dreams for this University. And the University has dreams as well. But money makes the world go ‘round, folks, and if Miami is to continue as a leader (or, some might say, get back to being a leader) in the MAC, and in the state of Ohio higher education system, they depend on donations. Gifts. Assistance in any way. Does the campus need a new Fine Arts Center? Do the softball and soccer teams need easily adequate restrooms that are closer to their playing fields than through two fences at Yager Stadium? Yes, yes, and yes. So why stand by and do nothing? There are a number of ways you can help your Mother.


Crikey, is this that hard of a concept? The athletic department operates, in part, on revenues it receives from ticket sales. You’re going to the games anyway. Why not ensure that you will have some of the best seats in the house? Besides, particularly with football and the NIT, postseason invitations are extended on the basis of fan involvement, not actual play on the field, as we all found out in 1999. Larger season ticket numbers are more attractive to bowl organizers. And compared to other schools—even in the MAC—Miami tickets are DAMN CHEAP. So buy them. Call 1-866-MUHAWKS (1-866-684-2957) now. The friendly folks in the ticket office would love to talk to you.

Red and White Club

The second way to help Mother Miami is to join the Red and White Club. If you are a recent graduate, you can join for as little as $25 a year. Older fogies (like RedSteve, class of ‘93) can get started at $100 a year. The full schedule of levels and benefits is available at but at the very least, you get a copy of the Smoke Signals newsletter. Even better, the group is a club with special events and get-togethers throughout the year. And you may even find that being a member of the Red and White Club is a great way to network!

Of course, the Red and White Club has a number of ways to give, and the staff can certainly help you determine the best way of giving. You can e-mail the staff at or call them at 513-529-3382. And you can always peruse their website for more information at And you can even donate online.

Annual Fund and Campaign for Love and Honor

The final way to help your Mother is to contribute to Miami’s general fundraising efforts, the Campaign for Love and Honor and the Miami University Annual Fund. 

The Campaign for Love and Honor is Miami’s comprehensive fundraising campaign, intended to raise funds for scholarships, academic programs, facilities and other projects. The campaign has a goal of $350 million to be raised by December of 2007. Of the $350 million goal, 70 percent will be used to increase the university’s endowment with income from the endowment going toward increasing scholarships, faculty chairs and graduate fellowships. Another 27 percent will go toward enhancing existing or constructing new facilities; and 3 percent will be used for one-time expenditures. You can find out more about the Campaign at its web site,

As part of the Campaign for Love and Honor, the Annual Fund is the University’s yearly fundraiser for unrestricted gifts to help support the University. You may have received a call from students asking you to donate in the past, and if so, you know that these funds cover costs that state appropriations and student tuition and fees don’t. The money can go towards capital improvements, scholarships, academic programs, and more. Visit the Alumni Association’s homepage at to learn more about the fund.

While these gifts may not benefit athletics directly, well, is athletics the only thing you got out of your time in Oxford? And didn’t you learn about philanthropy while on campus? As long as that sponge of a cow college in Cowlumbus is soaking up the state appropriations, Miami will always need additional funding sources to realize its goal of being the State’s premier undergraduate institution.

Corporate Partnerships

If you have a business in the Cincinnati Tri-State Area—or have influence with your advertising options—you may also want to look into working with Miami’s Sports Marketing Office as an alternative means of support. Besides buying more corporate exposure for your business through the many advertising outlets and sponsorship opportunities, contributing to Miami through this avenue provides income that can be used by the Athletic Department in countless ways. You can discover the many sponsorship opportunities at, or you can e-mail Troy Hartmann, General Manager of RedHawk Sports Marketing, for full details.

Why Are We Doing This?

No, nobody put us up to this page—not the athletic department, not the Red and White Club, not the development office. Like we said, it is important to us to support our alma mater. We don’t run this website to make money (have you seen any ads?) or because Miami athletics is the hottest topic on the internet. We run it because it’s our way of giving back to the institution that gave us so much.