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Frequently Asked Questions

First off, welcome to the ONLY fan website dedicated to Miami University Athletics. This FAQ will hopefully answer some of your questions about the site, and the message boards in general. For a brief history lesson on the site and what we are all about, click here.

Should I post here after imbibing in a few tasty adult beverages?
PUI (Posting Under the Influnce) is not recommended. The moderators don't want to clean up your garbage, and it will just cause you a greater headache in the end - just like the one you'll have after you've slept off that all-night (or in some cases all-day) archaic potation binge. Case in point: ask thechuck_2112 about "Jen's Kegs".
What is BBCode?
BBCode is a shorthand code to make formatting text simpler than using HTML. You can also disable it on a per post basis from the posting form. BBCode itself is similar in style to HTML: tags are enclosed in square braces [ and ] rather than < and > and it offers greater control over what and how something is displayed. For more information on BBCode see the guide which can be accessed from the posting page, or just click HERE. It is suggested that if you want to use BBCode, please make sure that you have it elready enabled in your profile.
Can I use HTML?
That depends on whether the administrator allows you to; they have complete control over it. If you are allowed to use it, you will probably find only certain tags work. This is a safety feature to prevent people from abusing the board by using tags which may destroy the layout or cause other problems. If HTML is enabled you can disable it on a per post basis from the posting form.
I want to post here. What do I do, and what do I not do?
Welcome aboard, slappy! Feel free to talk about Miami athletics, and keep things on topic. Sometimes we are known to veer wildly off-topic from time-to-time, but that's in the spirit of the board. To quote Jim Rome (whom I despise, but this is so true): "Have a take, and don't suck".
What not to do, you ask? Simple. There's no better way to make the moderators mad around here by trying to boost your post count. It's not a contest to see who has all the freaking posts, it's a message board to talk about Miami. We hate "fluff". "Fluff" is replying to a post with just a one-word reply (i.e., "yes", "agree", and anything like that). If you do that, we will hang you by your toenails. It all goes back to "Have a take, and don't suck" – if you're going to reply to something, make sure it's something that can cary the conversation, and not bring it to a screeching halt.
Also, there are a lot of people who "lurk" on this message board and website - from administrators to coaches in the athletic department, from current players to recruits and parents of recruits. Remember that what you say here, you are essentially saying to their face. Please, we ask that you keep this in mind and be civil in what you post in regards to criticism.
Why is DevilGrad so cranky?
Why is the sky blue? Why do birds sing? Why does Marshall cheat? Why does UC suck?
HEY! Why did I type one word, and it was replaced with another?!?!
It's the word censor. We like having a sense of humor around here (well, at least we like to think we are funny...). If you feel like paying the monthly costs for keeping this site going, then we'll think about turning off the word censor just for you. Maybe.
Why don't you have a Politics forum?
We did. It bombed. Sports and politics do not mix. Trust me on this one. TRUST ME.
Q1: Why does mattsledge like peanuts so much? Q2: And what's the deal with the hookers & blow?
A1: Oven roasted and salted, please! Uh, yeah. It's actually something that started as a joke, the week of MU vs. MU 2002. mattsledge would continually ask visiting Marshall posters if peanuts were available at they stadium, and no one replied. So he kept asking. And asking. And asking. And a legend was born. Pardon me, I have some shells to crack.
A2: mattsledge works in the radio biz. he gets free hookers & blow and dispenses where he sees fit.
Q1: Why am I a "Dodds God"? I lived in Emerson. Q2: And, can I be something else instead?
A1: because we say you are. Our message board assigns certain levels based on how many posts you have. For your first few posts you're a summer orientee. Next, you're a Dodds God (freshman), then a Havighurstite (sophomores -- Havighurst was where sophomores with bad lottery numbers got stuck when RedSteve attended Miami), Then an off-campus slummer (junior), then a senior barfly (because we know where seniors spend that year), then a wealthy alum. When you make 15,000 posts, you get called "grumpy mf-er"
A2: No. Unless we think you deserve another rank.
Why are there so many bastard lawyers on this site?
Well, you have to find something to pass the time during conference calls.
Is it true that the users of will do all my sports research for me?
Although our users have a wealth of knowledge of all things Miami, and are generally willing to share, they get a little impatient with obvious questions or questions that you should be able to find the answer to in mere minutes by using either Google or
What is a threadjack?
Hey, do you want to meet my Bortzan Army?
Who is "He Who Must Not Be Named"?
Don't ask. Okay... since you did, it's former Miami Football Head Coach Tim Rose. As you'll recall after the championship 1986 season, the football program suffered all-time lows until Randy Walker came along. We like to pretend that the years of 1987, 1988, and 1989 didn't happen around these parts.
What's the deal with the broccoli?
Hell if I know. Some things are better left unexplained, and this is one of them.
Hey, my post disappeared!! Are you guys nazis who don't believe in the first amendment?
The mods strongly believe in the First Amendment -- that the government should not be able to restrict the exercise of free speech. Of course, the moderators of this site are not the government; they are some guys who have to worry about maintaining a healthy community. Occasionally that means deleting posts that violate our terms of service.
Who is redskins4ever?
He's a guy who's been posting since '98. We love him. Oh, and he started the daggum word-association thread, so it's all his fault.
Why isn't alcohol sold at Miami sporting events?
We'll let 'Mama Miami' answer this one:

Why is no alcohol sold at Miami sporting events? Seems to be missing out on a way to generate revenue and it is sold at UC events (Nippert Stadium, the Shoe,etc), so it's not a "state school" issue? Who makes the decision on this policy, the trustees, provost, president?

There is a hospitality tent at football games, in what is called the "Miami Gardens," where there are alcohol sales to the public before the game. The beer sales end before the game begins.

This issue has been studied by a number of university groups over the years. The prevailing thought that emerged each time is that selling alcohol at games would send the wrong message, create law enforcement problems, and possibly worsen the already significant alcohol abuse problems of some of our students.

Back in the 1980s the univerity sold beer outside Yager through halftime of home football games, but when the legal drinking age changed to 21 the president and vice president for finance and business affairs at the time ordered the sales halted because of the difficulty in enforcing the then-new law, says Steve Snyder, executive assistant to the president.

And there you have it.
Why can't I copy-and-paste news articles from other websites here?
Because it violates international copyright law. Assume that anything on the internet is copyrighted. Example: Let's say that you write an article for The New York Times. It gets published, and you get paid by The Times for the use of that article. Once it's published, it's protected by copyright. When other people take your work and post it elsewhere without your express permission, then that vioates copyright law.
According to "Fair Use" laws you can copy-and-paste a paragraph or two with the link to the story. But if you copy-and-paste a whole article here, you can be assured that the moderators will edit your post to adhere to copyright laws. So to save us those headaches, just post a link to the article. If the article requires registration to read it, then suck it up. It doesn't cost you nothin'.
What's the deal with Eugene Seals' mother?
No, it's not what you think. In a previous incarnation of this message board, long-time poster EDDIE claimed that he had spoken to Seal's mother and she said that Eugene was thinking of tansferring back home to Michigan State. This thread took on a life of its own, spawning many off-topic responses and was, at the time, one of the bigger threads in history. So whenever anyone references a player's mother, this is where it somes from.
Speaking of EDDIE, why does he like livers so much?
That appears to be an ancient chinese secret. And no, Calgon detergent isn't the answer.
What about goat porn?
Hey, whatever floats your boat. Just don't post any here.
What does "ROTFLMAO Lethunya" mean?
"ROTFLMAO" is a common internet abbreviation for "rolling on the floor, laughing my ___ off." MHT's version of this is a twisted tribute to former Miami basketball player, Refiloe Lethunya. "The Prince" played on the 1999 Sweet Sixteen team, really is a village prince in his home country of Lesotho, and currently serves as an assistant coach at a small college out in Utah.
What's the deal with those prediction threads for Football?
As per tradition, a thread is started three days before a football game for predictions on the upcoming gridiron contest. Usually called 'Prediction Thursday' (since the games are on Saturday), there aren't winners per se - just a place for you to predict the outcome of the game. Rumor has it that if you correctly guess the score of the game you owe RedSteve, DevilGrad, and mattsledge a six-pack of their choosing. Maybe.
When will Miami be leaving the Mid-American Conference? Can I post a thread about it on the message boards?
I'll be blunt: Miami leaving the MAC won't be happening anytime soon. There have been plenty of threads that say "MIAMI SHOULD LEAVE THE MAC NOW OMG!!!!1111ONEONEONE ZOG ZOG ZOG!." It has become repetitive, tiring, and is now at a point where we (the admins and moderators) want to poke our our eyes with hot sporks covered in acid and maggots when we see these threads.
If you like circle jerks then by all means go ahead and start a thread about conference realignment. Just don't expect us to play along nicely in it.
Let's be honest. "RedHawks" sucks, "Redskins" was better, and I'm sick of all this PC crap. What do you think?
We think you should give it a rest. We understand how you feel, and most of us were Redskins when we were at Miami. But (1) the name change happened almost ten years ago, and (2) "discussions" about the name change we've seen on this site in the past have quickly descended into flamewars with vicious invective thrown around. So, in the interest of sanity and civility, please, let it go.

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