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About Miami Hawk Talk

About SFB Gnomic Enterprises

imageSFB Gnomic Enterprises is a non-incorporated, non-legally binding name for our web development arm. SFB Gnomic Enterprises is the stable of web developer gnomes, managed by RedSteve, DevilGrad, mattsledge, and the rest of the Miami Hawk Talk staff. These gnomes were lured away from the South Park, Colorado, underpants enterprises division of Gnome, Inc., with promises of better hours, less involvement with burglaring for underpants, and a definitive Step 2 (!!!! instead of ????).

imageThe gnomes are the workforce behind the occasional Miami Hawk Talk redesigns as well as the occasional unplanned downtime event. They are lazy, surly, unreliable, and tend to help themselves to sledge's stash of hookers and blow without asking. They keep their jobs, however, by working for far less than the typical Ohio State football player, with the added benefit that (occasionally) they are also smarter than the typical OSU player.

As for the SFB portion of the name, well, that's obviously an homage to the old, stinky Miami mascot, Tom-O-Hawk, or, as DG still refers to him: that Stupid F....reaking Bird.

Authors, Editors, Mods, and More

Obviously, this site isn't run just by gnomes. We have a number of people who give us wisdom, insight, and a whole lot of free labor. Here are the ones we can remember: